“The soul does not have an age–it is always free to create its own new garden of reality … “

UPÈ body movement practice is unpredictable, intuitive, liberating and filling, revealing the infinity of messages to you about yourself, expanding the boundaries and developed rules, returning you to feeling and growing and transforming you…
… When your soul cries for freedom.
… When you want to throw off the clothing of uncertainty weighing down your shoulders.
… When the inner “beast” screams to be heard.
… when you want to go home.
… When you have the courage to dip into the ocean of shadows for the sake of shining cleanliness.

If you are already here, let yourself feel everything… the silence, the sound, the word that responds, the inspiration, the rain, the sun, the warmth and cold, the vibration and fear, the excitement, the joy and the bliss, the body, the heart, others and yourself.

Let yourself trust. Open up. Be in certainty and nudity.

Since ancient times, people have treated soul and body pains with the help of various rituals– wild dances, songs, breathing techniques, silence and meditation. The elderly would constantly repeat that only people themselves could be the cause of their heavenly joy or the most painful sadness. Therefore, after feeling different feelings, you must accept them and fully live through them, so that fears would not form, there would be no sorrow left and diseases would not accumulate in the body–so that the river of life would flow in you and through you.

I want you to dance from the enormous passion for life and feel, while deeply inhaling and exhaling, not only the mind but every part of the body calming down, that in silence you would finally hear our inner voice.