“You are a unique creature with an authentic magic chest. My purpose is to discover the key to unlock your inner wealth.”

In order to hear and understand how and in what ways your heart wants to speak, freedom from all of the imposed rules and armor is needed. So, please come to the meeting with an open heart. I promise to be with you, hear you, and choose the most suitable key to unlock your soul.

Individual practice is especially suitable to those who have feelings and issues that have not been resolved for a long time or not addressed at all and that impede the achievement of full-fledged quality of life. Also, it is for those who can not, do not dare or hold back from fully opening up in during group activities and need to get maximum personal feedback.

During an individual meeting, the process takes place while listening to the state, needs and desires of a person. The meeting may evolve from a cozy introductory conversation to active body psychotherapy.

If you want, there can be individual practice for couples who are determined to dive into the depths of the soul using the principle of “mirroring”. It is effective practice that helps people to see themselves and their life situations with open eyes from the outside, and to give the other person the same opportunity.

The quality of the meeting mostly depends on the participants themselves–how much you are open to the practice, trust the process and get to the moment of the present.

One meeting may be enough to open your soul to an authentic dance of life.
More personal practice sessions can be agreed on based on your needs.