“Today I will only take off my ‘cloak’, and tomorrow I will dress up in nudity.’’

During UPÈ body movement practice sessions, which are created intuitively, I allow everything that at the moment is the most important and meaningful to people around me to happen through me. I “catch” an answer in space, about which I learn from the environment, and I set off on a journey with my heart – a gift of my “Divine Method” as I call it.

Practices that adjoin with each other during UPÈ practice sessions:

Free dance

Authentic contact with yourself through movement without rules, when the body tells a lot of stories, reveals hidden fears, or unexpectedly gifts a wave of unspeakable love. Meditative spiritual practice through dance is for people who desire to release emotions, creativity, wildness, power… for those who want to look at their authentic story that can not always be perceived through the mind and which is told by the body after it is given the freedom to move.


Holistic movement practice is oriented towards the human body, mind and soul. It includes certain movements based on different age, health and physical fitness possibilities. The practice involves a variety of dance styles, martial art elements (Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Aikido) and therapeutic techniques (Yoga, the Alexander Technique, the Feldenkrais Method). Various body movements and intellectual exercises not only extensively train the physical body, but also a person’s attention and creativity, and give energy and balance emotions.


With the help of movement, a person is invited to touch his or her most secret feelings, which may not always be joyful, but everyone needs to know them. It is a practice that helps people to free emotional experiences, correctly understand them, accept and become aware of them, take a creative look at new life challenges in relation to yourself and others, discover suppressed passions and “unlock” the closed parts of the soul.

Breathing and meditation

Conscious breathing increases oxygen content, boosts vital energy, releases energy blocks, cleanses the body of emotional toxins, promotes self-healing processes in the body, strengthens the nervous system, calms down and brightens the mind, increases concentration and strengthens immunity.

Meditation is a tiny but very meaningful “here and now” journey into the state of spiritual quietness and tranquility. Each time it is different–sometimes through sound, sometimes through silent prayer, but always directed to the inside for the intimate meeting of divine origin.